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We have been looking for the right setting for years now to host this training course. If we are going to give you all this knowledge, we had better give you the right setting and hands-on training you deserve. Yes, we need you in a real bar/restaurant atmosphere. We need you behind a real bar, pouring out of real bottles, scooping out of real ice bins, with people sitting at real bar stools. There are other Bartender Training Programs out there that can give you some knowledge, but not the experience. You’ll receive a portable bar with a bus-tub full of ice. What kind of an experience is that?

When you graduate from this program you will have learned a skill that's valued and can be utilized world wide.

Only Training Program in NYS that's taught in an actual bar.

On Premise training!

Smart Service - Alcohol awareness training course.
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Next 40 hour Bartender program is March 13th.
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  • Next 40 hour Bartender program is TBD.
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  • Guest bartending at Pizza Man, Mohegan Manor, and World.
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Attention Bar Owners

Our Services

  • Smart Service: Alcohol awareness training course. Trains/teaches individuals the importance of alcohol knowledge.
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  • Consulting: Need help call us!
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Our Courses
  • 40 Hour Bartender Program: Become a bartender! Mixology and P.O.S. training are constant throughout the course.
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  • Mini Courses: Coming soon! Mojito mixing course and more...
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