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The Art Of Bartending


We have been looking for the right setting for years now to host this course. If we are going to give you all this knowledge, we had better give you the right setting and hands-on training you deserve. Yes, we need you in a real bar/restaurant atmosphere. We need you behind a real bar, pouring out of real bottles, scooping out of real ice bins, with people sitting at real bar stools. There are other Bartender Training Programs out there that can give you some knowledge, but not the experience. You’ll receive a portable bar with a bus-tub full of ice. What kind of an experience is that?

When you graduate from this program you will have learned a skill that's valued and can be utilized world wide.

Only school in NYS that's taught in an actual bar.

Smart Service

Alcohol awareness training course. Trains/teaches individuals the importance of alcohol knowledge. Recognize the stages of intoxication so the servers/bartenders can make better decisions when serving the guest(s).
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  • Now enrolling for Dec. 2nd night classes.
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  • Guest bartending at Pizza Man, Mohegan Manor, and World.
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Cocktail of the Month

Caipirinha (pronounced kai-pi-re-nah)
- 3-4 lime wedges
- 1 teaspoon ground raw sugar
- 2 ounces of Cachaca
Muddle the lime and sugar
Add ice
Then pour in 2 ounces of Cachaca.
Stir and enjoy
Can be served in a rocks glass or highball
A traditional Brazilian cocktail made with Cachaca, which is very similar to rum, in that it is made from sugarcane. If you've never had a real Caipirinha then you are missing out. It is the ultimate summer cocktail...
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OCC adds bartending class as non-credit course

Onondaga Community College announced Wednesday it will add a new class in March called "The Art of Bartending." The non-credit, 40-hour course aims to teach students how to be a bartender in a real bar setting.
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